Baby Purge

I decided to have my first encounter with hawaiian baby woodrose (Argyreia nervosa) without doing too much research beforehand. I opened the bag containing 10 seeds at 1 pm. The seeds were dark brown, sort of angular-globular, around 5 mm in diameter. They were half covered in a thin layer of reddish fluff, which had apparently already been removed for the most part. I put the seeds in my mouth and sucked on them for a few minutes, tasting them. The taste was not unpleasant, but somehow alarming. Gently, instinctively, I started removing the fluff with my teeth, swallowing it, drenched in saliva. When the seeds were bare, I spit them in my hand. They were all bald and shiny now. First I put one back in my mouth, slowly crushing it with my jaw. Then the next, and so on. After chewing for several minutes I had a mouthful of baby woodrose slush. The taste was not unpleasant, a bit like grenadine lemonade. I swallowed.

I started the 9 km bike ride to my vegetable garden. I had imagined enjoying the beauty of my garden, which is in bloom this time of year, tripping on baby woodrose. After about 20 minutes, I had to park my bike and vomit. Wisely, I had eaten very little that morning, so my puke was clear, frothy, and small in amount. I thought the effect of baby woodrose would diminish greatly now, ejecting her after just 20 minutes. My assumption proved false.

I puked four or five times more on my way to the garden, raising the occasional dog walker´s eyebrow. When I had finally arrived, feeling nauseous, increasingly weak and cold (there blew a chilly breeze and I was too optimistically clothed), I discovered that the neighbouring farmer was just gearing up his tractor to raid the wheat with pesticide. Good bye fairy tale garden experience. I decided to bike the 9 km back home, to warmth and safety. I felt weak and nauseous all this time, very sensitive to the stink of exhaust fumes, asphalt, the city. I began to wonder if baby woodrose should be regarded an ordeal poison, or is the poison in the city?

I must have arrived home around 3 pm, still feeling weak, nauseous and cold. I barely managed locking my bike, unlocking the front door. Having closed the door behind me,  I fell to my knees and starting vomiting freely, thanking baby woodrose for the purge, asking her to release me. After wiping up my vomit with a towel, I retreated under the bed cover. Soon, the nausea disappeared and I was starting to warm up. I now felt cold shivers run through my body, which I recognized as the onset of the psychedelic trance (though I have not felt quite the same shivers during my encounters with mushrooms and ayahuasca). My face was a smiling grimace, I was really starting to trip now, a little more than 2 hours after ingestion.

I´d say baby woodrose, mushroom and aya are vehicles that take you to the same place of well-being, but the journey there is flavoured differently, dependent on the drug. In mushrooms, the purge is less physical than with ayahuasca or baby woodrose; generally no vomiting. With woodrose, I had no visuals in bright daylight, but some enhancement of colour behind closed eyelids. Also some of the symmetrical patterns in carpet etc., so familiar from the mushroom trip. The high lasted for a good 3 hours, before starting to wear off, leaving me happy, thankful, cleansed, ready for a healthy meal.

I call her ´baby purge´, she is no joke. 12 hours after ingestion, while writing this report, her spirit still hovers over me.