aconitum - wolfsbane

Poisonous herbs [such as monkshood (Aconitum napellus)] can sever the soul (the astral body) from  the body; thus it is able to fly into the astral world behind the world of exterior appearances. There the soul not only encounters speaking animals, elementary beings, and nature spirits, but it is also able to take on animal forms. While the body remains in a deathlike posture, the soul can slip into animals and move through the forest as a werewolf, a werebear, a werecat, a bird or a beetle. If not used properly these herbs can lead to fatal poisoning. The shamanic art is, at best, the ability of the soul to find its way back to the body. (from Müller-Ebeling et al., Witchcraft Medicine)

Aconitum sp.; herb garden Willem Arntszhoeve, 7 Oct 2014


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    Aconitum Napellus


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